Observation Elevator

Observation Elevator

Với kiến trúc độc đáo, thang máy quan sát mang đến cho người dùng những trải nghiệm thú vị, kết hợp với kiến trúc tổng thể của công trình tạo nên không gian hiện đại, sang trọng hơn.

European Standard Technology

The collection of high-class elevator designs of iTEK ELEVATOR has an elegant and sophisticated style, showing the class of the owner in luxurious and modern interior spaces.



 VVVF Drive inverter technology​

Make sure the elevator operates more smoothly. Good noise control helps to provide passengers with a quiet travel experience.

 Permanent magnet synchronous motor saves up to 46% energy consumption. Professional intelligent group control management system can control 8 elevators at the same time. The application of advanced artificial intelligence and database flow technology greatly increases shipping efficiency, thereby reducing waiting times.



Digital inverter technology


Advanced vector conversion technology, suitable for human body movement, real-time speed adjustment. The advanced high-speed digital signal processing system increases the sensitivity of the motor speed controller, thereby minimizing elevator vibration. The most advanced low-noise control technology makes the elevator operate quietly and stably.




Automatic lighting system

iTEK ELEVATOR uses energy-saving LED lights. When there are no passengers using the elevator, the lighting system in the elevator will automatically turn off, and automatically turn back on when receiving any elevator call. Effectively save power consumption.




Safety sensor

iTEK elevators use infrared curtain sensors at the entrance to the elevator cabin. This device helps to ensure the safety of people and goods entering and exiting the elevator car through motion sensing





Detailed Figures



630kg – 1600kg


Up to 120m


Up to 28 stop


1.0 - 2.5 m/s

Motion System

The elevator has a machine room or machine roomless, the motor without a gearbox is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Type of elevator

Up to 8 type

Type of door

Central opening, side opening....


Low-rise building, office, villa, shophouse, family





ITEK ELEVATOR Elevator Embraces Technology

Incorporate the latest tools, solutions and innovations in technology to maximize operational performance throughout the product's lifecycle. Smart, flexible product design that connects with the latest technologies, supporting you the initial design phase while still on the drawing board until the project is officially put into operation.


Online Planning & Design

The online Planning & Design tool will assist you with specifications, providing the optimal solution for the project right at the early stages of design.

Improvements in installation

Using the most advanced technology to ensure safety, performance and quality.

Smart operation - digital transformation

All new products are integrated with intelligent control system - creating a comprehensive solution based on the Internet of Things IoT platform.